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Staging Your Home

Why is Staging Your Home so Important?

It sets your home apart from its competition in Aspen, Colorado by presenting and marketing the home to leave a lasting impression on buyers. Would you not agree that presentation is key in all aspects of life? Staging your home can help bring in top dollars for your property as it will show better and this will result in a higher sales price. Properties can be made to look their best, sometimes with minor improvements. Money spent on such improvements is often recovered when the property is sold. Whether it is a simple matter of rearranging the furniture and putting excessive clutter away or painting the walls a warm neutral color, staging can make a difference. It’s all in the details. Statistics show that a staged home will sell 50% faster in many areas and bring in 6% to 10% more money.

To obtain the highest possible price for a property in Aspen, Colorado the residence needs a curbside appeal. Would you not agree that many times a customer will drive by and see if they might be interested in the house before they meet with their realtor? Curbside impressions are important. The facade should be clean, in good repair, and have clean windows. To de-emphasize older windows, remove the screens from the windows. If pots are placed at entryways with flowers or evergreens, it will bring a lived in feeling to the home. Trees and shrubs should be pruned to show off the best features of the architecture of the home and allow maximum light into the home’s interior. Make the yard look spacious and manicured.

Is one of the most important elements in the buyers decision-making process dependant upon having a great first impression? If so, then the first few rooms that a buyer will be walking through will need to show their best, as the buyer will be forming an assessment of the home within the first five minutes. Determine where the buyer is going to enter the home and where he will go next. Concentrate on making these rooms to show their best and realize a clean home is most important.

How do you create good lighting in a room? Opening the window coverings will achieve this by creating a bright and spacious room. Turn on some lights. When you walk through a room that has a comfortable flow of energy and an easy movement throughout does it make the room feel more spacious? Rearrange the furniture so that it is conducive to easy movement in each room and the optimum beauty and function is enhanced. To create the impression of more square footage, eliminate excessive furniture, clutter, and family photographs. Place the books to the back of the bookshelf and leave the bookshelves half full. Replace dated pillows on sofas.

De-clutter the space and depersonalize it to create an emotional connection, so your buyer is able to visualize living there. Take out all of the clutter and store it in boxes in the garage. Leave only a few items for decoration.

Is the carpet tattered looking? Consider replacing the carpet with an inexpensive carpet. "Ballentine Carpets:, in Aspen, Colorado carries rolls of inexpensive carpet in stock, just for this purpose. Installing a new nuetral color carpet can give the home a more modern feel to it. All carpeting should be clean.

Have you turned a bedroom into a home office? Take out that home office and turn it back into a functional bedroom. To draw attention away from an older room, purchase new linens for the bed. You can take them with you when you sell the home. Arrange the beds to look like a showroom bed, such as what you may find at a department showroom. Organize the closets by pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses to give a spacious appearance When closets are neatly arranged and free of overflow they look larger. Paint the insides of the closets if they are dinged up. In the childrens rooms store the items in a neat and orderly fashion.

Bathrooms should be clean, free of clutter, and accessorized to add to its appeal. Bright, bold, high quality towels in the baths can spark up any bathroom and you have the benefit of taking them with you. Coordinate them with the bedding on the beds. The grout in the bathrooms must be clean or refurbished and if the tiles look bad they should be reglazed. To minimize outdated flooring use a rug to cover it. Add elements that make the bath pop and people will not notice the rest.

The kitchen should be free of clutter and counter top surfaces should be completely clear to create the impression of more counter space. It should be exceptionally clean and free of any odors. A cut up lemon in the garbage disposal will help eliminate odors. Use fresh fruit like lemons placed in a bowl for decoration. If you have old dated appliances, replace them. A new granite or corian counter top can update any kitchen.

What small details help sell a home? Flowers create a lived in look in the dining room, kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. A small votive candle and a dish of fresh candy can add warmth to the entry. Playing easy listening music will off set echoing hallways and wood flooring which is so prevelant in Aspen, Colorado homes. A fireplace can be lit to create a warm mood or empty the fireplace if it will not be used.

A buyers preference may not match the sellers taste so try to keep this in perspective and stage your home in a way that would appeal to a large group of buyers. Help the buyer envision his or her tastes and furnishings where yours are now. Each room gives you the perfect opportunity to make dozens of "first impressions", so emphasize the attributes that appeal to buyers. A staged home stands out from other properties in Aspen, Colorado and sets your home apart from the competition and makes a positive impact on potential buyers.

Buying a home is a very emotional purchase. A great first impression is critical to ensure your home is the one buyers make an emotional connection with and remember. Let me help you achieve the best price for your property by listing and staging your home to sell, in Aspen, Colorado.

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